Our pricing structure is designed to fit any project or organization

1 Public models – Can be reused by Legal Pilot and its partners

2 Unused documents cannot be carried over to the following month

Pricing details

Depending on your plan, you will have access to the following features


A model may include multiple document templates and/or questionnaires. Only published models are counted (excluding drafts)


A document is counted for each generation from a model (excluding drafts)


Admins can create templates, double-check and validate documents. The number of users, who can generate documents, is unlimited

Advanced support

All subscriptions benefit from standard support (Bug fixes specific to Legal Pilot). Team and Enterprise subscriptions benefit from an advanced supoort (hotline and dedicated expert)

White Mark

White mark options allow you to customize Legal Pilot to your brand and colors 

API access

Sync your data and integrate Legal Pilot into your information system with our Rest API

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