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Saas document automation platform

Automate your documents

Collaborate more effectively

Improve your knowledge management

A platform designed by lawyers for
legal professionals and businesses

Mind Map

Organize your ideas via a user friendly and visual interface

Validation of conditions

The software creates algorithms which generate bespoke clauses

Clause library

Draft and reuse your favorite templates clauses and questionnaires

Smart questionnaire

Smart questionnaire will automatically populate your documents

Templates import

Create dynamic models directly from your word documents.

API access

Embed Legal Pilot in your business processes thanks to API REST.

Automating your documents has never been easier!

Visual interfaces

Intuitive interfaces designed by lawyers with relevant drafting experience.

User experience

Discover a new way to design and deliver your legal services.


Legal Pilot adapts to your language and field of expertise, and helps you saving time, even on complex matters.

Capitalize your experience and know-how to produce better legal documents, faster.

Create your legal processes to automate and control your documentary production

Collaborate more efficiently with your internal or external customers 

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Legal Pilot is a SaaS platform, in other words, a software accessible from your internet browser on any device, without any installation or update required.

With Legal Pilot, you can access your personal workspace where you can automate and share your documents in a few clicks (contracts, corporate documents, audits, etc.).

We guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data.

We help hundreds of lawyers

By using Legal Pilot, the drafting of recurring contracts is simplified.

Focus on your added value.

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Legal Pilot allows us to generate more than 700 employement contracts for our events missions in just a few clicks.

Importing our data eliminates manual inputs and the risk of errors. We use the platform across all of our subsidiaries.

Clementine A.

Head of HR

[dsm_perspective_image src=”×150.png” align=”center” disabled_on=”on|off|off” _builder_version=”3.26.4″][/dsm_perspective_image] and EFE Editions have chosen Legal Pilot to automate models of shareholders agreements.

Lawyers love the visualization via MindMap and the ability to draft complex automated documents in multiple languages.

Ghislaine B.

Avocate NY/Paris, Harvard

[dsm_perspective_image src=”×150.png” align=”center” _builder_version=”3.26.4″][/dsm_perspective_image]


10 minutes versus 2:15 to draft all the legal documentation for of an Annual General Meeting (time monitored). You can tell the software was designed by legal professionals! The technical support is very responsive and efficient.

Olivier R.

Chartered Accountant


The software adapts to your know-how, your field of expertise and working language.

Our customers use it in the following areas:

Contract automation

  • Automate your most recurring contracts
  • Generate compliant versions with just a few clicks
  • Delegate the drafting to your assistants and/or associates


Turn your legal services into webservices to facilitate the interaction with your customers (responses follow-up, updates, etc.).

Online Legal Catalogue

Offer a catalogue of approved legal products to your internal or external clients, directly from your website.

Automated audits

  • Create smart questionnaires
  • Turn your legal reasoning into a decision trees
  • Generate audit or compliance reports

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