Automate the writing of your legal documents

Discover a new way of writing. Gain productivity and capitalize on your know-how, simply.

Speed up your processes

Legal Pilot allows you to reduce the time you spend writing, rereading and validating your legal documents by up to 80%. Simplify the update and limit the risk of error in their use, even delegated to non-lawyers.

Turn your model bases or dies into partially or fully automated decision-making trees. You then generate the documents from simple questionnaires.

Break down the legal

Your internal and external customers can respond to questionnaires from a simple link sent by email or accessible directly from your website or intranet.

Administrator access allows you to view automatically generated documents, edit them, check responses, and have advanced statistics.

Become a digital lawyer

Exit the frozen word document, you can now work in scalable and interactive form, in order to respond more effectively to recurring requests and to integrate legal at the heart of the company’s processes.

Send free questionnaires to your operations, create automatic calculators, generate mass documents, etc.

They trust us

Hundreds of lawyers are already using Legal Pilot to save time

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Legal Pilot has enabled us to automate the drafting of our commercial contracts, which are generated directly by the operational staff.

Our legal team can now focus on specific cases and compliance.

Nolwenn R.

Head of Legal - large corporation

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We have set up an online sales platform for our members. 

With Legal Pilot, merchants can automatically and freely generate their custom-made general terms and conditions. 

Pascale B.

Deputy Director - CCI

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Our startup is developing a new rental management solution.

Legal Pilot allows owners, members of the our community, to generate the right documents themselves. Drafting lease agreements finally becomes simple and enjoyable!

Anne-Sophie OURION

Co-founder -

Our goal:

make the law more accessible and connected


Intuitive interfaces to allow you to automate your documents independently.

Expérience utilisateur

Make your digital transformation easier with an improved user experience.


Legal Pilot adapts to your language, business and processes with white-label options

Software designed and designed by legal drafting lawyers

Winner of the 2018 Customer Relationship Innovation Award (Jury Prize and Audience Award)
Lawyers’ startup accompanied by the Lyon Bar Incubator
Initiative supported by the Legaltech Working Group of the National Bar Council

Do you have a specific plan?

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